ONE Up chocolate bar


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One Up psychedelic chocolate bars – Your tasty microdosing trip

Chocolate treats are available in abundance, but this one is so different. The One Up chocolate bar exemplifies a delectable fusion of premium-quality chocolate and the potential for inner exploration through the infusion of psilocybin shrooms. Still, it’s not something that will kick you into the unknown for the entire day. Each One Up piece is as potent as 3.5 grams of psilocybin to provide you with a sensory adventure you can control.

The One Up chocolate bars for sale can please your senses in three different ways. It’s all about the flavors you can pair with your treats:

  • Original. Unveil the pure essence of fine chocolate with One Up’s Original flavor. Rich and indulgent, it combines the natural earthiness of cacao with the gentle notes of psilocybin for a memorable taste experience.
  • Milk Chocolate. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the comforting embrace of milky goodness. Creamy and velvety, this flavor complements the psilocybin infusion with a silky, chocolatey delight.
  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate. Experience the perfect fusion of sweet and tangy in your One Up mushroom chocolate bar. Dark chocolate with a burst of raspberry undertones, this flavor strikes a delightful contrast to the nuanced effects of shrooms.

Buy One Up shroom chocolate bars for wellness protection

Who said chocolate treats couldn’t be wholesome and support your wellness decisions? One Up has its own take on this. Its psychedelic bars are ideal for:

  • Anti-stress effects. Grab a gentle pathway to fighting stress and finding tranquility amidst life’s challenges. Psilocybin, when consumed mindfully, has been associated with reduced anxiety and stress levels.
  • Nutritious bliss. Beyond their delightful taste, One Up chocolate mushroom bars are jam-packed with nutrients. Cacao is known for its avalanche of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, providing a nutritious boost to your well-being.
  • Microdosing. For those not ready for the utmost potency of psilocybin, these bars set the foundation for microdosing. The precise psilocybin content (3.5 g) ensures you can explore your mind’s depths without getting too far.

How Global Supply handles deliveries

Your privacy is everything to Global Supply. Personal discretion is crucial, whether you’re comparing One Up mushroom chocolate bars for sale online or ordering them as an indulgent treat for yourself or your friends. That’s why we arrange everything with discreet packaging that conceals the nature of your bars and shrooms so you can explore in peace.

With our US-wide overnight shipping option, you won’t have to wait long to embark on your sensory adventure. Your One Up products will be at your doorstep promptly, ready to accompany you on your journey to well-being. Buy today and get them tomorrow to savor the profound synergy of fine chocolate and shrooms in any of the three exquisite flavors. Your experience will always remain a private and expedient one.

One Up chocolate bars with mushrooms are for adult use only. Do NOT consume them if you have health conditions that may be exacerbated by psilocybin or chocolate ingredients.


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