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Buy magic mushrooms to plunge into nature’s mysteries

Psilocybin mushrooms are where nature’s hidden wonders and therapeutic potential converge. These mystical fungi are available in various dried varieties and magical spore forms at Global Supply. So, whether you are here to get something for personal consumption and well-being improvement or start wearing a cultivator’s hat, all you need to do is place a magic mushroom order online.

We can process and fulfill your order faster than brick-and-mortar stores and retailers. You’ll get your mushrooms shipped the next day, no matter where you are in Canada or the US.

Discover the best magic mushroom strains online

Psilocybin has gone a long way from being an undiscovered substance to being available in dozens of shroom varieties. Here’s where your eyeballs should go if you are passionate about the magic side of this psychedelic:

  • Golden Teacher. This strain is renowned for its ability to teach, guiding users on profound introspective journeys. Golden Teacher is the best bet for those seeking enhanced creativity and self-discovery.
  • B+. A classic among psychonauts, the B+ strain is celebrated for its uplifting and euphoric properties. It is often favored for therapeutic purposes, helping individuals navigate depression and anxiety.
  • Amazonian. Journey deep into the rainforest as you buy magic mushrooms of this strain. The Amazonian psilocybin variety is renowned for its immersive and visionary experiences and lets you confront deep-seated emotional issues.
  • Penis Envy. A truly unique variety, the Penis Envy strain is touted for its super-potent effects and distinct appearance. This shroom is famous for its ability to induce profound introspection and personal transformation.
  • Mexican. Launch your self-discovery journey to Mexico by grabbing this magic mushroom online. The Mexican strain sets you off on an all-encompassing experience, ideal for those interested in meditative journeys and healing rituals.

<h2>The magic way to amplify your well-being</h2>

Our psilocybin varieties have demonstrated an array of therapeutic uses thanks to their ability to influence brain function and perception. Here’s what conditions they are best for:


  • Depression. Alleviate your depressive symptoms and promote positive, long-lasting changes in mood and mindset. You are not destined to live with debilitating thought patterns.
  • PTSD. Psilocybin therapy is a ray of hope if you have PTSD. Order magic mushrooms online to unbar a fresh perspective on traumatic events and integrate your experiences, ultimately leading to healing and resilience.
  • Addiction. Psilocybin-assisted therapy can work wonders for addressing addiction, including substance abuse and behavioral dependencies. It can help you break free from the shackles of limitations.
  • Pain. Are your symptoms debilitating and persistent? Turn to magic mushrooms. They are rich in ingredients that target chronic pain, beef up your tolerance, and enhance the overall quality of life.

Buy magic mushroom spores to cultivate on your own

Create your own psychedelic varieties with Global Supply. Buy a magic mushroom spore and capitalize on its reproductive properties to grow the fruiting perfection of psilocybin. 


Cultivating shrooms from spores requires patience and a deep understanding of the delicate environmental conditions necessary for their growth. This process can connect you with nature and the profound mysteries of life as you nurture and witness the transformation of tiny, unassuming spores into mind-expanding fungi.

Whether you want to buy magic mushroom spores online or treat yourself to some dried products, contact us to get clued in on what varieties are available.


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